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Glamor pix of da bae


    Glamor pix of da bae

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  2. Anonymous asked: Second flute is fun! You might not get to play the higher notes, but that's what free solos online are for. And it can be really interesting playing the countermelody. Or foundation, as a matter of fact. Also, no matter how much you dislike it, it's still going to be more complex than the tuba part

    Aha, truer words were never spoken.

    The tuba players in our orchestra are tacet much more often than the flute players.

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  3. tumorsandmusic:

    I don’t understand why people don’t like 2nd flute. Yeah you don’t get the attention that 1st players do, but it is so satisfying and requires so much skill. You have all the power in your hands. Without a good 2nd flute player the 1st will never be anywhere near good! 


    To all our second players out there feeling under-appreciated, see what happens if you miss a rehearsal and leave the first player on their own. We need each other. Spread the love.

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  4. tumorsandmusic:

    Rants about people who have a problem with non centered embouchures.

    if you play flute how do you do it out of the side of your mouth

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  5. rjminfrance asked: About side embouchures: They can cause problems with articulation but it just takes a little careful practice to correct. A lot of professionals, including Moyse, played left set. Right set is more rare and a little trickier but also not a problem.

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  6. Anonymous asked: What brand/model flute do you play?

    I play a Di Zhao 700 :)

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  7. Using Snapchat and tumblr during rehearsal break :*

    Using Snapchat and tumblr during rehearsal break :*

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Glitter and flute selfies make everything better


    Glitter and flute selfies make everything better

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  9. To the section leader: I had a very similar situation/fear becoming section leader my senior year. Don’t be afraid to be assertive! If your friends/section are being disrespectful or goofing off during sectionals because they feel you’re their friend, then call them out. It’s your job as section leader to run effective sectionals, and they have to respect that as your section. But as your friends, they should understand it doesn’t mean you hate them without you having to tell them! But, feel free to explain that if you feel you have to. You also don’t have to be a hardass about keeping control! Even something as simple as clapping to get their attention and saying “Focus” can be effective.

    Positive feedback during sectionals is also essential to not being a hardass section leader. If they played particularly well one run through, tell them! Or if someone has very good technique, take it as a learning experience for the group and point it out. This will show them that you respect them, and they will naturally respect you as a leader in return. 

    If this is an ongoing problem, you should probably talk to your friends individually about it. Remind them that as a section leader, it is your job given to you by the director to run sectionals. If they make your life difficult, then by extent they are making the director’s life difficult. Would they treat the director as a friend in rehearsal? Sometimes it’s fine for them to see you as a friend first; it just means they respect you for different reasons than someone else. But if it gets in the way of sectionals, then you need to open up the communication channels and address the problem directly, one-on-one, and tell them exactly what they can do (or stop doing) to make your job easier for you. A lot of times friends don’t even realize what they are doing is wrong, and they just need to be reminded of good sectional etiquette, and it won’t hurt anyone’s feelings at all to talk about!

    I hope this helps, best of luck!!

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  10. lifeandconfessionsofanerd asked: Do you know how to get your section to stop seeing you as their friend for one hour? Since it's my first year as section leader, and I've tried everything. I try to take sectionals seriously, because our last section leader was 1st chair in everything life(band, all-county, college) so everyone saw her as a section leader first before friend, or they they at least respected her. I love my section very much, but I want to cry every night thinking that I never be seen as section leader to them.

    I really don’t know how to help, unfortunately. In marching band I was never section leader, and when I was first chair in a concert band one year in high school it was because I was a senior and the rest of the flute section was all sophomores and freshmen that I had never met before.

    What worked for our marching band section leader one year was just getting down and being really tough (unfortunately this kind of forced her to cast herself in a mean light when in fact she was one of the sweetest people I knew).

    Hopefully the followers might have some advice, I hope people can chime in with some of their own comments.

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  11. tumorsandmusic:


    What I need to hear right now are opinions on being second flute in an orchestra. 

    Second is SO much fun! It is so difficult to learn to blend in an ensemble, and playing second is the BEST way to learn how to blend. Anyone can play the big solos, but not everyone can be the support system and the core of the sound. A lot of second parts have solos too!

    Also, here is my video about playing second: http://tumorsandmusic.tumblr.com/post/72824056067/tips-and-tricks-for-playing-second-part

    Everything Robin said! I started off playing the viola so I love being the inner harmony and getting to hear the complexities in the score. Until recently our orchestra didn’t have a dedicated second clarinetist, and before we got one, they would bring one in for the concerts. Just the addition of that one part made the entire woodwind section, and by extent the whole orchestra, sound so much fuller.

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  12. shoejunkie:

I don’t know what I’m doing with my life


    I don’t know what I’m doing with my life

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  13. hun-gary asked: Ive had a gemeinhardt for three years, and its never broken or fallen apart. I feel special. Or i havent had it for long enough.

    They’re not all bad :)

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Me playing.


    Me playing.

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  15. Anonymous asked: i'm kinda worried because i've been playing flute for about 8 years, and for that whole time i've had a yamaha and it's been great, but recently it's started to sound a bit muffled and it goes out of tune quite often, even if it's been tuned using a tuner and a piano. would you recommend getting it fully serviced?

    Maybe not necessarily a full overhaul but after eight years yeah, there’s a lot that can go wrong in an instrument that needs to be looked at. There could probably be several other issues with the instrument that you might not have even noticed because we adjust things in our playing (like our hand position or finger pressure) to accommodate for subtle changes in the instrument (like a slowly leaking pad).

    Definitely take your flute into a repairman and ask them to take a look at it. If they don’t already do this for you, ask the repairman to let you know what work the instrument needs and how much it will cost rather than letting them just do all the work and bill you after. All things considered, I’d be willing to guess your flute probably just needs a new headjoint cork (I had the same issue on my piccolo at first) which would explain the intonation and muffled sound. So don’t worry, just go ahead and get the service work done since it’s time :)

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